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May 25, 2009

I heard from a sissy slut this morning who spent several hours sucking cock last night at a gloryhole. He said he sucked from 7 inches to over 9 of big black cocks. What a cumslut he is. I'm expecting pics from him.
I love how you boys can stay on your knees for hours sucking cock but whine when you're asked to take out the trash. Lol.
I have some good assignments for you sluts today.
Call me.

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July 6, 2009
A very good call with a woman that knows how much it really hurts to lose your wife to a younger black man, even if she is not living with him, but married and living with you. Jane understands the dynamics that made my life what it is today. I am not proud of it but I can't leave the relationship.
A Few Testimonials over the last few years from callers.
Mature 11/08/2009  Always the best
Mature 11/08/2009  Sexiest voice on NF
Mature 11/08/2009  Call her - she's the best
Nov.29, 2009
very friendly, hot sexy, easy to talk to, great banter
April 30,2009
Have you been cheating on me? I hope so. You have to keep your pussy satisfied and full.
July 16, 2009
god...so f*cking good
Sept.9, 2009
Hot call--so mature and sexy!
Im completely without words. She is freaking HOT!!!What a sexy voice and fun imagination. No stopping to studder, just flat created something for me and ran with it....yum, yum
Ms Jane is a fantastic Woman. i hope i do Her training justice when i become a full fledged sissy for Black Men.
Thankyou, Mistress, for making me worship superior black cock!
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Sex 1/1/10 awesome as always
Mature 1/13/10 Very very hot. No doubt
Kinky Wives 2/17/10 Mistress is so wise, i am a loser and so fortunate that Mistress is so kind by letting me hang around
Kinky Wives 8/1/10  Another great call! Jane is one of the absolute best on Niteflirt. I will call again and again and again!
Sex 9/13/10 I never thought I could handle a cuckold situation, but in the hands of JFF enticing along, I listened totally enthralled. A must for all Bi curious men. Wonderful...
Mature 9/13/10 This was John's visit, enticed along by JFF..so seductive, drawing out and encouraging feelings of Bi. A sensational trip, leaving me with deep emotions and longings. A sensational lady
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May 23, 2009

My little sub called me last night to be humiliated. Sure I will after you told me you have a little 5 inch weenie.  I couldn't stop laughing about that.
I don't think I have seen one that small for years except on cam with a little subby like him. I know I never had a so called boyfriend ever that tiny.
Of course after I humiliated him awhile he was into cleaning up after my big black cocked lover. All you subs seem to be into bbc but you like to pretend you have to be forced into touching it. Lol. Ok pretend if you need to but suck it you will.
I know he'll be calling back soon for more training in worship of that superior cock.
I'll be expecting you danyboy.
May 5, 2009
A cuck called wanting to talk about white women and big black cock. One of my favorite subjects.
He has the fantasy about his wife meeting and then fucking large black men. He wants to watch them at first but I know he wants to have some of that bbc himself.
Come on you can be honest with me. Share your complete fantasy.
I think his next call will prove my idea is right on.
June 11, 2009

"Jane is the best!"

"gave me some pointers on sucking dominant black cocks"

"Gotta love BBC"

"Im completely without words. She is freaking HOT!!!What a sexy voice and fun imagination. No stopping to studder, just flat created something for me and ran with it....yum, yum "

"The best "

"Jane is always fantastic, really gets into my fantasy with me."

"I was nervouse and didn't know what to say, but she did veru well anyway :-) "

"Great call. Really got into it and made me a BBC Slut.I cant wait to try the real thing "
Sex 1/1/10 great way to start off the new year
Mature 1/30/10 hot
Mature 2/12/10 Another 5 star call.
Mature 2/2/10 Super sexy and hot call
Mature 2/2/10 All I can say is damn- makes me cum so hard
Mature 1/30/10 5 stars!!
Kinky Wives 2/19/10 cool
Feminization 2/25/10 very good call maked me squirt like no other
Anything Goes 4/26/10 Always hot and ready to play!
Mature 4/27/10 perfect way to start the morning
Mature 7/5/10  Wow! Still the best!

Kinky Wives 07/23/2010 Awesome call!!!
Mature  09/14/2010  5-star  Perfect way to start the morning
Mature 09/13/2010  5-star Jane is lotsa Fun! And she likes to guide her clients thru' a Very Happy Ending!
Mature 09/13/2010 5-star  I would love to be Peter, a sensational woman.
Kinky Wives  10/03/2010  5-star  Excellent call. I can tell she really believes what she writes on her profile. I thought about the call for a long time after!

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Mature  09/16/2011     Great as usual
Mature  09/01/2011     Outstanding
Mature  08/22/2011     She is the best
Mature  08/19/2011     without a doubt my favorite flirt

Mature  07/02/2011   Always the best - 5 stars!
Mature  05/27/2011   My favorite by far!
Mature  05/24/2011   Amazing

Mature  04/30/2011   That was so fucking kinky and naughty but hot as hell! She had me talking about getting fucked by big black cock in my man-pussy!

Mature  03/03/2011   Hot call!
Mature  02/23/2011 Great way to start the day - 5 stars!
Kinky   10/20/2011
called for advice and all i can think about is watching her take a bbc
Feminization  10/02/2011
Totally mistress Jane's BBC slut
Feminization  09/30/2011 
Jane is the greatest!! Knows exactly what to say to me.. How to get everything out of me.. I have to tell her everything and do everything she says!
Feminization   09/03/2011
She has me hooked on BBC....
Feminization  08/29/2011 
Jane is really great! must call!
Feminization  08/26/2011
The best!! So hot!! I'm her BBC lover!!
Feminization  08/21/2011
The best! Knows just how to talk to me! I'll do whatever she asks!!
Feminization  08/21/2011 
I had to pay my dues.. I had to pay for what I did :)
Feminization  06/15/2011 
Mistress Jane is the best helping losers with tiny white dicks serve superior black cocks like we're supposed to
Feminization  03/09/2011

compelling call that I hope won't come back to haunt me, though i think in ways it already has.
Mature 12/31/2011
she is always awesome

Kinky Wives 10/20/2011
called for advice and all i can think about is watching her take a bbc
Mature 10/20/2011
She really loves BBC
Mature 10/17/2011
Very hot call, as always 5 stars!
Mature 02/05/2012 
Made me cum hard as always - 5 stars!
Mature 02/04/2012 
Still the best!
Mature 02/01/2012
Experienced and nasty! !!
Feminization  10/16/2011 
A true size queen and BBC goddess! Thanks!!!
Mature 11/24/2011 
My wife made me a cuckold last summer. Now when she goes out to get fucked by BBC, I call Jane and she reminds my why I am at home stroking my little white worm.
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